WF group provides clients with comprehensive services and quality service in the field of financial intermediation, real estate development, commercial and residential real estate. We focus mainly on the target group of VIP clients of more creditworthy character with a minimum volume of 500 thousand EUR. EUR. In the 10 years of history of WF Group and WFG Consulting, we have helped to refinance projects of various focuses in the amount of over 350 million EUR and have helped over a hundred clients in the fulfillment of their business plans.


Fio banka - partner WFG Consulting


WFG Consulting, a sister company based in Prague, is an investment company staffed with experienced personnel and many years of experience in the banking industry. Our priority focus is on arranging financing for medium and large enterprises, development and investment in retail, shopping centers and logistics, residential, non-residential buildings and complexes in all regions of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.

In cooperation with partner companies we implement projects in various market segments starting from project processing, engineering, changes in zoning plans, support of processes of obtaining necessary permits, comprehensive legal advice, construction audit activities to the selection of the construction company. In addition, with our professional team, we provide a wide range of advisory and consultancy services in the context of corporate lending. We arrange tenants of foreign verified brands. Our team consists of experienced project managers, architects, lawyers, accountants, auditors and translators

WFG Consulting s. r. o. - Confidentiality of information

Confidentiality of information

We are in the business of finding profitable investments and prospective business plans.

WFG Consulting s. r. o. - Professional conduct

Professional conduct

We provide assistance in advisory, consultancy, search for suitable partners.

WFG Consulting s. r. o. - Personal commitment

Personal commitment

We pride ourselves on fair relationships and are interested in long-term business cooperation.

WFG Consulting s. r. o. - Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

We work with a wide range of innovative services in various industries and fields.

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