We help you implement, develop and co-fund your ideas

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"Innovation as the foundation of success"

For our clients, we provide assistance in advisory and consulting activities and also help with acquiring new partners necessary for the implementation of ideas and new contracts.

We deal with finding profitable investments and prospective business plans, which we then help to implement, develop and co-finance.

As part of our consultancy, we help with the provision of reports, analyses, audits, statements and surveys. We develop internal guidelines and plans for financing, cost-effectiveness and spending control according to individual client requirements.


We offer the possibility to co-finance and share the plans with more experienced and proven investors after they have been drawn up with the client's consent. The portfolio of these investors is based on long-term relationships, professional references and results from previous cooperation.

We work with a wide range of innovative services in a variety of sectors and industries and although we assess cases on an empirical basis we are not averse to new constructs.

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"Long-term collaboration is the success of our work"

The mission of WFG Consulting s. r. o. is to provide our clients and business partners with new ideas and solutions to problems that we have already encountered in practice while analyzing a large number of business plans and that may still be waiting for you.

Together we eliminate risks and can achieve the goals we set. We highly value every form of cooperation and trust in our services. Our intention is to implement projects and offer services with high added value. We pride ourselves on fair relations and are interested in long-term cooperation.


All information in connection with the client's business case that comes to the attention of our company is considered confidential and will be used exclusively for internal use within WFG Consulting s. r. o. for the benefit of the client. They will not be forwarded to third parties without the client's consent.
 The vision of WFG Consulting s. r. o. is to be an innovator in the provision of individual financial services. Maintaining the pace of development and competitiveness of our divisions and partners remains a priority, aiming purposefully at becoming economically strong and significant entities.
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